EUSpecLab doctoral network

The main objective of the EUSpecLab doctoral network is to form the next generation of theoretical materials scientists (physicists and chemists). They will be able, both in academic and industrial laboratories, to spearhead the calculation, the understanding and the prediction of the properties of matter by exploiting the full potential of cutting-edge spectroscopies and materials informatics. We aim at bridging gaps between industrial processes, technological progress, and theoretical understanding, especially at the quantum (microscopic) level. The Researchers will learn specific skills in both inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary translation.

Next generation of theoretical materials scientists

Cutting-edge spectroscopies and materials informatics

Inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary translation

Scientific objectives

The scientific objectives of EUSpecLab are twofold:

  1. to apply machine learning techniques to spectroscopy (so far, they have mainly been applied to structure determination)
  2. to develop new theoretical methods, incorporating strong correlation (current calculations are often mean field or non-interacting), system complexity and environmental effects (current calculations are mostly for pristine systems at 0 K).

Both aspects go significantly beyond the current state of the art, and will offer the Researchers important opportunities to think, develop, and innovate.


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Kick-Off Meeting, 12th Sept. 2022

The kick-off meeting of the EUSpecLab project will be held in Rennes (France) on September the 12th, 2022. Members of...
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